Top 5 offensive players of Thomas Tuchel's career

Two years in a row Thomas Tuchel played with his teams in the Champions League finals. If last season, Paris Saint-Germain, led by the German, eventually lost the trophy to Bayern, then the strongest team in the 2020/21 Champions League was Chelsea, who led Tuchel to this triumph. It is not surprising that after such brilliant performances, Thomas is talked about very often. Some gossip about how talented this specialist is and whether he can soon make the football world forget about the dominance of Guardiola, others like to talk about who Tuchel will ask Chelsea to sign in the next transfer window, and today we propose to recall the five most strong attacking players with whom the German coach managed to work in his career. It is clear that the criterion we have chosen is quite difficult in terms of the final determination of the objectivity of the parameters for ranking, but we take the goals scored as such and the strongest attacking player.

5. Angel DI MARIA 36 goals

Five of the strongest attackers in Thomas Tuchel's career

Argentinian Ángel Di Maria played under Thomas Tuchel at Paris Saint-Germain. The football player came to the capital's French team long before the German coach appeared there, but it was under him that he became one of the defining players of the team, acting more actively and better in attack. In total, under the leadership of Tuchel, Di Maria played 103 matches for PSG, in which he showed a very decent performance 36 goals scored and 49 more assists. These numbers are in stark contrast to Di Maria's now under Tuchel's successor Mauricio Pochettino. Under the Argentine coach, Angel has so far played four times fewer matches for the Parisians (26), but the performance has flown down with a much larger proportion than four times only 2 goals and 9 assists in Di Maria's asset. Of course, we can say that every year Di Maria does not he is getting younger, and with that, better prepared physically, but the fact remains that it was under Tuchel that Angel scored a maximum of goals in his club career, and also gave an impressive number of assists.

4. Andre SHURRLE 41 goals

The five most the strongest attackers in Thomas Tuchel's career

Thomas Tuchel crossed paths with Schurrle in two club teams at once. First, the specialist worked with a talented attacking player in Mainz, where Andre took the first steps towards recognition in big football. After that, Schurrle went to Bayer Leverkusen, and then played for Chelsea and Wolfsburg, before reuniting with Tuchel in 2016, but already in Borussia Dortmund. True, in Mainz, Schurrle played with Tuchel more often than in the camp of black and yellow , but there were objective reasons for this, including the physical condition of Andre himself. However, it was under the leadership of Thomas Schurrle that he played the most matches in his career 114. No other specialist trusted this player as much as Tuchel did (he played in 65 matches with Mourinho and 63 with Hecking). The attacking midfielder also thanked his boss for his trust with 41 goals and 13 assists. In addition, together with Tuchel Schurrle, he won the German Cup in 2017, having played 3 matches in that tournament and scored 2 goals in them. Obviously, under Thomas, Andre could have had a brighter career if the player had not been plagued by health problems. In the end, because of them, Schürrle was forced to announce his retirement in the summer of 2020 at the age of 29.3. NEYMAR 51 goals

Thomas Tuchel's top five offensive players

Brazilian Neymar has not been criticized for joining Paris Saint-Germain, perhaps only by the lazy. Many reproach the striker for the fact that, in pursuit of money, he left Barcelona, which is much more powerful in terms of sports, leaning into a frankly utopian project of Qatari investors, which is being built in Paris. However, in the French capital, Neymar generally looks good when he appears on the field and, most importantly, demonstrates a desire to play at full strength (there are moments when Ney is corny serving a number). Under Tuchel, Neymar played in France for two and a half years. It was with the German specialist that the Brazilian climbed so far to the highest point in the Champions League final, which, as mentioned above, then did not submit to PSG, but developed in favor of Bayern

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